4 Ways Innovation Is Going To Change The World As We Know It

When Paul Eisler first invented the pc board, he had no idea that his invention would one day become the key to human advancement. Now, decades later, pc boards are used to power cellphones and a number of electronics. One of these “electronics” is called artificial intelligence, and although its programming is a lot more complex than the one of the average pc board, it wouldn’t exist without it. The following is a list of the top 5 things people don’t know about artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence Can Detect Faults in Their Makeups and Repair Themselves

One of the scariest things about AI is how functional and reliable they are. Unlike humans, artificial intelligence does not feel pain or temptation. This allows them to get straight to business and help those in need — or well themselves. When hurt or malfunctioning, some artificial intelligences can detect and repair their own inner workings.

Artificial Intelligence Can Communicate Via Writing

While face-to-face journalists may not be at risk of losing their jobs to artificial intelligence, small news writers are. This is because robots are able to type and formulate proper sentences with ease. Not only does this make them the ideal worker, but it also more info takes away the need for editors, as robots who have been programmed to write aren’t going to make any typos or structural mistakes.

Artificial Intelligence Can Learn New Things

Most people tend to believe that robots need to be programmed in order to learn new things but that isn’t the case. Newer models of artificial intelligence have recently shown signs of knowing how to lean on their own.

Artificial Intelligence is Going to Surpass Humanity

If it weren’t for this factor most humans would be comfortable with the integration of AI into society, but the fact that AI’s are going to be smarter than human beings is generally unsettling. While the human mind may sometimes work like a computer, it isn’t one, but the AI mind is. This allows them to retain information with ease, calculate complex figures instantaneously, and ultimately come up with the fastest and most strategic ways to get out of problems.

Artificial Intelligence is Mostly Female

Although there is no specific reason behind why the voice and personality of artificial intelligence revolves around the one of women, there is no use denying the facts: most robots are going to be female. For the most part, this is because both men and women tend to prefer listening to artificial intelligence that has a female human voice. Even now, before AI hits the market, machinery is automated by women voices. Think of the subway, GPS’s, and the Iphone’s Siri — all women.

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